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SUV and 4X4 Tyres

The [Product name] is designed to deliver superior traction for 4x4s, SUVs and vans both off and on the road. This range of tyres offers exceptional handling, on-and-off-road stability and a quiet, comfortable ride with the added bonus that it is winter tyre tested and approved!
We have two factories in City A and City B. Our factory occupies about 220,000 square meters. We currently have 700 staff, including 50 engineers for developing and quality control.

Our Advantage

Corporate Highlights

• Factory Headquartered in Shenzhen since 2016
• Over 60 employees in factory and R&D center
• Market leader in OTT/IP STB For Oversea Marketing

Engineering Excellence

• 8 Hardware and Software engineers and still growing
• Customized Realtek, Rockchip ,Amlogic and Intel  platform development
• Customized Hardware and Software Support

OEM/ODM Advantage

• In house SMT ,DIP, Testing ,Aging assemby and Packing
• 6 QC fully testing and inspection during produce
• 10 years OEM/ODM experence for Core Team Number
• Support OEM with fully Customized

License and Certificate

• Implementation has been authorized for DTS, Dolby ,HDMI and Windows

• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems ROHS,Quality/Reliability and other reports

About US

ELEBAO Company
and Factory Presentation

Experts in Android TV Boxes, Intel Mini PCs, Digital Signage and AV products,CE-, FCC- and RoHS-marked | OEM/ODM services | 20 R&D engineers.Supplying OEM/ODM Products for Over 10 Years.ELEBAO has been providing OEM/ODM services for Android TV Boxes,Intel Mini PCs and HDD Media Player OEM/ODM services for more than 10 years.

Having 120 Employees and R&D Center. We have a factory located in Shenzhen consists of 120 employees and a R&D center.We are a market leader in OTTIP STB. Moreover,we also have eight still growing hardware and software engineers that is capable of developing customized Realtek,Rockchip,Amlogic,platform and lntel Platform.

Backed By Professional Team. We have in-house SMT dip testing, aging assembly, and packing.Furthermore, we are backed by professional team including 12 hardworking quality auditors that inspect every stage of product production,6multi-lingual sales staff and a professional and experienced R&D team.


Factory occupies about 1,800 square meters.


There are currently 80+ employees, 500 square meters of office

20 Enginners

20 enginners for developing and quality control.

50 Products

50 Private Models Designed by Elebao Team

Product Category

Android TV Box

· 8K RGB Gigabit lan ott tv box
· APP Auto-start Function
· Remote OTA Upgrade Function
· Netflix Apps remote control

Windows Mini PC

·  Compact, port-packed design
·  Easy access to storage slots and bays
·  Hot Gemini Lake, Jasper Lake Tiny PC
·  10th Gen, 11th Gen, 12th Gen Mini PC for optional

Remote Control

·  2.4G air mouse remote
·  Perfect size wireless keyboard remote
·  Touchpad keypad remote  
·  RGB Backlit keyboard

Factory strength

[Brand] is here to change the way people look at tyres.

We are here to service the people who matter the most by bringing them a micromobility product line for all.


We are product specialists before everything else. We engineer, create and design with precision detail.


People and their lives are what inspired us to create [Brand] in the first place. We focus on who uses our products first, and second, how we can help thoese people every single day.


[Brand] is looking to improve the way people in a variety of scenarios. Easier, faster and better than ever before is our hope for the future.

High Standard

We have very strict standards for product materials, production process, and production team.

Our Members
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Vice General Manager
VP Sales
VP Sales
Sales Manager


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