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Your Essential TV Box/Minipcs Purchasing Guide from December 2023 to February 2024 based Chinese New Year Holidays

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”The 2023 is near to the end, and we are going to step into the promising year of 2024, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your trust and partnership in the past. It is very pleasure working with you.

Dear Elebao Vaule Customers ,

Nice day.

For your information, below is our CNY Holiday Schedule. Our CNY holiday will be from 3rd-18th Feb.

However, the factory and logistics company usually start their break at least 15 days earlier and the CNY holiday usually lasts for nearly one month.

If any Mini PC order needs to ship before Our CNY Holiday It will need to confirm the order and proceed with the payment before 15th Dec.

For any TV box order that needs to ship before our CNY holiday, pls schedule it in advance so that we can purchase the raw material as early as possible

and ensure that delivery of the goods in time and keep your supply chain on track. The payment and order need to be confirmed and arranged before Jan,9th.

For OEM/ODM orders that need to be shipped out before the CNY holiday, considering the lead time is around 30 days, we kindly suggest that the order be confirmed before the end of Dec.

As all supply chain production capacity will be seriously affected by workers' earlier left from around 20th Jan.

Besides, the freight fluctuate heavily logistic is very tight, and difficult to book the vessel nearly CNY, and shipping cost is much higher too.


If you have any orders that need to be shipped before the CNY Holiday, please inform me ASAP. Thanks for your support.

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