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Meet Elebao at the CABSAT event in Dubai 2023

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"Elebao will attend to Cabsat 2023"

If your business is about content, broadcast, satellite, media & entertainment do not miss the chance to stop by our booth!

Why choose  Elebao ?

Elebaooffers all the necessary resources for you to launch a top-notch video streaming business in record time. We can supply cost effective Hardware and IPTV Ott Saas or our Partners Source for your quikcly luncher the products .

Meet Elebao at the CABSAT event in Dubai 2023


CABSAT is ideally positioned to foster and display innovation, discuss and establish best practices, forge partnerships and uncover new opportunities.
This is one of the largest events in the industry, a cosmopolitan hub where we will meet with global market players.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hall No.:Shk Saeed Hall 2,Stand No.:S2-D43

16th - 18th May 2023

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