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Elebao supply reliable digital signage solutions for Commercial customers

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"Elebao Supply Reliable Android Digital Signage Solutions for Commercial Customers"

Elebao manufactures the most reliable digital signage solutions, including commercial and industrial-grade USB media players, and Android TV Box.

Our hardware and software digital signage will have below advantage.

Elebao supply reliable digital signage solutions for Commercial customers

Real-Time Clock

Accurately keeps the time in sync – even without the internet.

Always deliver content on schedule.

Fully Customizable

Boot Logo, Boot Animations, Pre-Loaded Apps

App Auto Start, Custom Device Integration, Auto Starts, Auto Plays & Auto Seamlessly Loops Video and Image Files, 24/7 for Rugged Use, Compact & Reliable

4K Enabled&Commercial Grade Hardware

Automatically Adjusts Resolution up to 4K

Powerful Video Decoder which can decode up to 8 video streams at the same time.

Rooted & Unrooted devices as per your requirement. 

Interactive Screen Compatibility

Works with 10-point Multi-touch USB Touch Screens. 

Can be used to create Interactive Kiosks

If you want to know more about our digital signage solutions pls feel free to talk with us for product details, we hope we can give you a one-stop service and solutions for your request.

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