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Join ELEBAO at IBC 2023 - Transforming the Future of Broadcasting and Media Technology

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"ELEBAO at IBC 2023: Transforming Broadcasting & Media Technology ELEBAO, a leading provider of innovative OTT-based intelligent hardware solutions, is excited to participate in IBC 2023. Join us from September 15 to 18 to experience cutting-edge OTT TV boxes, ATV TV sticks, and smart hardware devices. Discover how our customized solutions and AI technology are reshaping content consumption. Visit our booth [Booth Number Hall 5, 5.B13] and witness the future of broadcasting and media technology!"

ELEBAO, a pioneering provider of innovative OTT-based intelligent hardware solutions, is thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023. This exciting event, taking place from September 15 to 18, will bring together industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from the broadcasting and media technology sectors under one roof.

As an esteemed exhibitor at IBC 2023, ELEBAO is proud to unveil our latest lineup of cutting-edge products, including OTT TV boxes, ATV TV sticks, smart hardware devices, and customized solutions. We cordially invite you to visit our booth, where you can experience firsthand the power and versatility of our advanced solutions, transforming the way content is consumed and delivered.


Why Meet with ELEBAO at IBC 2023?

  1. Discover the Latest Innovations: Be among the first to witness our state-of-the-art OTT TV boxes and ATV TV sticks that redefine entertainment experiences for consumers worldwide.

  2. Explore Customized Solutions: Gain insights into our tailored solutions that cater to specific industry needs, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

  3. Experience AI-driven Technology: Immerse yourself in our range of smart hardware products, including smart speakers, smart home devices, and AI technology, which seamlessly integrate with our OTT TV solutions for a comprehensive ecosystem of connected devices.

  4. Connect with Industry Experts: Our team of experts will be present to answer your questions, discuss potential partnerships, and explore collaborative opportunities.

  5. Network with Peers: IBC 2023 provides an excellent platform to network with fellow professionals and enthusiasts from the broadcasting and media technology domains.

Join ELEBAO at IBC 2023 and be a part of our journey towards transforming the future of broadcasting and media technology. Witness firsthand how our intelligent hardware solutions empower users to enjoy a seamless and enriching entertainment experience.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the future of content consumption and delivery. Mark your calendars for September 15-18, and make sure to visit our booth [Booth Number] at the event.

We look forward to meeting you at IBC 2023!

Best regards,


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