Android 9.0 4K CastTV Android Stalker,Xtream & M3U Media Player IPTV Set-Top Box

CastTV for Set-Top Boxes is the video player for content from your IPTV/OTT/VoD providers who use Stalker Middleware or the Ministra TV platform from Infomir. The app works on: - Android TV set-top boxes

We wanna introduce our New Design Android 9.0 4K CastTV Android Stalker, Xtream & M3U Media Player IPTV Set-Top Box.

CastTV newest OTT media player-based Android is the new design where user-friendliness and comfort come together.

1.CastTV is a high-performance Android 9.0 TV set-top box for IPTV/OTT operators. It supports 4K playback at 60 fps, HDR, HEVC, and Digital audio.

2.CastTV features Integrated Widevine L1 and HDCP1.4&2.2 DRM systems, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for internet access, and 16 GB of internal storage for additional apps.

3. There have around a thousand Free Vod movies for watching on CastTV.

4. CastTV also supports mainly TV Version Apps for 1080P like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ ect its compatible with 99% apps of TV version play store preinstall

5.CastTV Supported Middleware: IPTV PORTAL, IPTV Stalker Player, IPTV M3U Player, Ministra TV platform ect portals

For more details on CastTV Box pls free to talk with us. Welcome samples testing for purpose.

CastTV player does not contain, store, distribute or provide access to any audio or video content. It plays only the content from your IPTV service provider in accordance with your subscription plan.

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